Tuesday, 17 April 2012

12hrs Leiva 2012

12hr Climbing Rally - Leiva - 2012

The 2nd round of the Spanish cup this year was held on the walls of Leiva in the Sierra Espuña, Nr Murcia.
This was the first time a 12hr Rally had been run at Leiva and saw 16 teams take part.

Leiva is nested in magnificent scenery, its south facing wall rises vertically over the valley that gives it its name, emerging from the pine wood forest as an Island of rock. It is cut perfectly with 200m of height and more than 2 km long. The quality of the climbing matches the stunning natural environment of this Natural Park. Once the 40 min walk in has been completed you can't help but be impressed by it's beauty and notably remote sensation.

Above, video of the Leiva Rally

With very little time to prepare for this Rally our strategy was way off. We did enough routes 8 (only 7 counted as we finished the last one 30 seconds over time!) but went a bit too light in route selection and played things too safe!
The day started well but our position slowly sank as the day progressed, by which point it was too late to try harder routes to make up the points. So we had to settle with 5th place.

Leiva (2nd round) Results - 31st March 2012:
1st - Gonzalo Larrocha / Jose Luis Olivares
2nd - Roy de Valera / Adrian Ripoll
3rd - Jorge Couceiro / Hipolito Olivares
4th - Francisco Javier Perez / Jorge Montesinos
5th - Chris Newton-Goverd / Vicente Bartual

Current Spanish Cup Standings:
1st  - Roy de Valera / Adrian Ripoll
2nd - Jorge Couceiro / Hipolito Olivares
3rd - Chris Newton-Goverd / Vicente Bartual

See the full standings in detail here:

So we are currently ranked 3rd in the Spanish Cup! but my climbing partner (Vicente) unfortunately can't make the Riglos round so we will have to pull something special out of the bag for the Terradets round to hold on to our place in the top 3...