Wednesday, 21 March 2012

3rd Spanish Cup for 12hr Climbing Rallies

12hr Climbing Rallies – Spanish Cup 2012.

The 3rd season of the 12hr Climbing Rallies Spanish cup is now under way, it comprises of 4 rounds in the following big wall locations in Spain; Peñon d'Ifach, Leiva, Riglos and Terradets.
In each venue the set up is the same, there are up to 30 teams battling it out in this gruelling endurance challenge, with 12 hours of climbing to complete as many climbs as possible on multi-pitch ground.
The designated routes are given points based on their length, difficulty and seriousness. Competitors attempt to climb strategically to gain as many points as possible in the time they have.
The rankings for the Spanish cup are decided on each teams best 3 out of the 4 results from the league rounds.

The rules are simple, each climbing team must:
  • wear a helmet & use double ropes
  • never climb simultaneously
  • both climbers must reach the top of their route before the 12hrs is up for it to count
  • only overtake other teams if they give you permission
  • not repeat routes already climbed
  • keep the same climbing partner for the whole rally
  • clip at least 3 points of protection on each pitch
  • carry at least 1 litre of water per person at the start of the rally & at least one mobile phone per team
The format
Arrive Friday, the night before the rally & attend the briefing.
Saturday, start 8am – finish 8pm, 10pm Dinner, collapse, normally face in food.
Sunday - limp home....broken....

History & Venues
The first 12 hr climbing rally was conceived in Calpe on the Peñon d'Ifach over 11 years ago, where it continued without much outside attention, until in 2009 saw the first Rally in Riglos.
Riglos gave a new dimension to the rallies, all forearms and a very specific style of climbing (you'll know what I mean if you've climbed there)
Due to the success and popularity of Riglos the following year (2010) saw the formation of the 1st League and Spanish cup with Riglos, Terradets and the Peñon d'Ifach in the mix.
The Terradets gave yet again a completely unique edge and style, more vertical and technical climbing with some spicy run outs and very sore feet at the end.
2011 saw the same 3 locations run at full success.
New to 2012 is Leiva in Murcia. A much smaller wall (only 150m high) it will be interesting to see what flavour this brings to the rally….

Calendar of the Spanish Cup Rounds:
st Round: “12 horas de escalada en el Peñón de Ifach”, Alicante - 10th March

2nd Round: “12 horas de escalada en el Valle de Leiva”, Murcia - 31st March

3rd Round: “12 horas de escalada en los Mallos de Riglos”, Huesca - 21st April

4th & last Round: “12 horas de escalada en Terradets”, Lleida - 12th May


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