Sunday, 9 October 2011

Summer's over

The Summer is over, temperatures are great, skies are Blue & the rock is dry.
Hardest part of the day is deciding where to climb! And which projects to get on....

Blasco starting up "Momo"

Man Flu hit me today, so feeling weak and feeble I ventured a full 3 minute drive to L'ocaive and surprised myself by doing an old 7b there called "Momo" which had shut me down several times in the past.

Blasco lowering off "Momo" 7b, L'Ocaive.

Great to see Miguel climbing today - I'm truly inspired by his recent progression. Not so long ago he was projecting 6c, today I arrived to see him comfortably working on the 7c/7c+ variation of the popular 8a at L'Ocaive - just a matter of time till he sends it....

 Miguel on the 7c/7c+ variation

So next up, to hunt out a worthy Big Wall Project, something that's not been freed, but realistic for this year! Fitness is slowly coming back and with wiser training this season I'm excited to see what will happen.

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